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All News Is Biased


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All news is biased - A balanced media diet is healthy.  The easiest way to form a well balanced opinion is through the juxtaposition of both sides

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COVID Lab Leak Theory

On February 27th, it was reported that the Department of Energy believed that the most probable reason for the origination of COVID-19 was a laboratory leak in the city of Wuhon. COVID-19 has been a polarizing topic by both sides of the news and the origination of the viral disease is now widely disputed.

Jan 6 Footage

40,000 of previously unreleased footage was given to Tucker Carlson and Fox News.  The decision to release the video footage to Fox News and the corresponding brodcasting of the footage has both sides of the biased media at odds. 

Americans Killed In Mexico

4 Americans were kidnapped and held hostage in Mexico just across the US/Mexican border.  When the 4 hostages were recovered  - 2 were dead and 2 were injured.  Read both sides of this divisive topic.

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