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Both Sides: 2022 In Review

All news is biased so you might as well read both sides. Ripviews provides both sides of all major headlines. Below is a review of the top headlines from 2022 in chronological order. Click on the picture to read the article.


3rd Year of COVID-19

We began 2022 with COVID-19 remaining a global virus. The impact of COVID-19 remained split by both sides of our media.

Russia Invades Ukraine

In February Vladimir Putin and his Russian forces invaded Ukraine. At first there was consensus by both sides concerning America's involvement. Today America's involvement in the war has become a polarizing topic.


In the spring the cost of goods, transportation, and overall living increased to historic levels. The root cause and next steps divided by both sides of the media.

Uvalde Mass Shooting

In May there was a mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, TX. 19 children and 2 teachers were senselessly murdered. As a result of the tragedy in Uvalde both sides of the media were divided/vocal on guns.

Roe Overturned

In the spring the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. The impact and justification of the court ruling was different depending on the news you consume.


Jan 6 Committee Meeting

In June the Jan 6 Committee Hearings began. The televised investigation and hearings dug into the events around and leading up to January 6.

Mar-A-Lago Investigation

In August the FBI completed and unannounced search of Mar-A-Lago. The search found some documents that were marked as classified/top secret. The impact/legality was of the event were different depending on the news you consumed.

Queen Elizabeth Dies

In September Queen Elizabeth died. The Queen's death was a story from 2022 that did not generate much bias from either side.

Elon Buys Twitter

In October Elon Musk purchased Twitter. The deal for Musk to purchase Twitter was hyper polarizing. The news you chose to consume drove the narrative of the purchase.

2022 Midterm Elections

In November we had the 2022 midterm elections. The highly contensious midterms were greatly divided by both sides of our media.

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