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Both Sides: Biden Classified Documents

The Facts:

This week President Biden's lawyers discovered classified documents in a closet of a former Penn/Biden 'think tank' office. President Biden's lawyers reported the documents to the Archives. The documents were left in the closet while President Biden was Vice President. On Wednesday it was discovered that a second batch of classified documents were found by President Biden's aides.

Click on the pictures below to be taken to the articles from both sides.


Left Bias:

The classified documents held by President Biden are oranges to Trump's apples - you can't compare the two. Trump intentionally mishandled classified documents which directly put Americans in jeopardy. Additionally, Trump obstructed justice by not responding to inquiries by investigators ultimately requiring a FBI raid of his Mar-A-Lago property to finally retrieve the documents. President Biden's team willingly turned in the documents to the Archive when discovered. Finally, the quantity of documents in the two instances were vastly different. FBI investigators were barely able to take a picture of all the mishandled documents in one picture. The devil is in the details, and in the details there is a clear path to prosecution of Trump.


Right Bias:

O look at this, now Biden has documents inappropriately in his personal possession. What about his quote from 60-minutes when asked about Donald Trump's classified documents and said "how could anyone be that irresponsible". As ironic as this is, nothing will come of it. The DOJ and mainstream media will continue to be obsessed with Trump and hide under the carpet Biden's classified documents, lack of mental acuity, and crack addicted son.

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