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Both Sides: Funding Ukraine

The Facts:

Before the holiday break President Zelensky met with Congress to request additional support for Ukrainian defense from Russia. Ukraine has been surprising a lot of the world with their defense and counter offensive. A large part of Ukraine's success has been due to the approximately $50 billon America has sent to Ukraine.


Right Bias:

It's agreed that it is in America's best interest for Ukraine to stand up to Russia, but at what cost? America can't just give billions of dollars to any country that comes and ask for it. We have our own internal issues that require our own internal investment. We need to get back to the 'America First' approach.


Left Bias:

Putin and the Russians do not just have their eyes on Ukraine, if Ukraine were to fall additional European countries would be next. The success of Ukraine is paramount for America's best interest and more importantly our NATO allies' best interest. Additionally, what precedent would we be sending to China if we did not defend Ukraine since we know they are eyeing Taiwan. We must protect Ukraine at all cost.

Watch Both Sides:

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