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Both Sides: Gas Stove Ban

The Facts:

Bloomberg News reported that US Consumer Product Safety Commissioner Richard Trumka described gas stoves as a "hidden hazard". The Commissioner's comments stem from recent reports that gas stoves are harmful to families and can be responsible for respiratory issues in children. Additionally, the reports tie the output of gas stoves to air pollution. The Commissioner added that when products are harmful to Americans banning the product has to be considered.

Click on the pictures below to be taken to the articles from both sides.


Right Bias:

Over 40 million Americans have gas stoves in their homes and are doing just fine. The possibility of banning gas stoves is just another scare tactic from the left - like masks and vaccines. Additionally, an unelected Commissioner has no right even hinting at interfering with American's and their homes.


Left Bias:

Gas stoves unleash some of the same fumes as combustion vehicles. There is a direct tie to children developing asthma and gas stove usage. Additionally, nobody is directly saying we need to ban gas stoves and President Biden has come out saying as much. Gas stoves are something we need to reduce if American's can afford to and the right is just looking to pick a fight.

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