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Both Sides: Griner Prisoner Exchange

Early this week WNBA star, Brittany Griner was released to America after America released convicted Russian arms dealer, Viktor Bout. The prisoner exchange was highly passionate by both sides of our biased media.

Left Bias:

This was an obvious win for 'Dark Brandon'. Brittany was a political pawn and we aren't going to leave her or any other American behind. We would have loved to have gotten more for the deal but 1 American home is better than 0 American home. Maybe if we paid a little more attention to Women's sports this star athlete wouldn't have to spend her summers in Russia.

Right Bias:

If a trade like Biden's was made in my amateur fantasy football league it would be blocked due to collusion. This is an insane trade. America traded anAmerican who didn't appreciate being in America for the "merchant of death" that is eager to have American blood on his hands. Additionally, America left a US Marine in Russia as a prisoner so that Biden got his optical victory with Griner.

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