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Both Sides: January 6th Anniversary

The Facts:

January 6th, 2023 marks the 2nd Anniversary of the event where pro President Trump demonstrators breached the Capitol in demonstration of an election for President Biden that they felt was rigged. The event on the Capitol left one protestor dead and one Capitol police office dead.

Click on the pictures below to be taken to the articles from both sides.


Right Bias:

Most agree the events on January 6th were taken too far, but everyone agrees that the investigation and Committee Hearings are a 'dog and pony show' by corrupt Democrats to besmirch the republicans. The events on January 6th were not nearly as big of a deal as the Antifa and BLM protestors that burnt down cities in protest - the only difference is the left has weaponized January 6th.


Left Bias:

On January 6th the American President incited an insurrection because he lost the election. January 6th will be a date that lives in infamy like December 7th (Peal Harbor) and September 11th. We must not forget the violent domestic terrorist that attacked our Capitol to prevent the electoral college vote from occurring. The major large American companies that continue to invest in election denying politicians also need to remember that we haven't forgotten.

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