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Both Sides: M&M 'SpokesCandy' Controversy

The Facts:

Last year Mars candy introduced a new purple 'Spokes-candy' that was female and wearing sneakers, rather than the traditional high heel shoes previously worn by female 'spokes-candy'. "We're celebrating women across the country who are flipping the status quo!" the official M&M's Twitter account announced. After back-lash on Monday, January 23rd Mars announced that they would be rolling back all 'spokes-candy' and introducing Mia Rudolf as the new spokeswoman for Mars candy.

Click on the pictures below to be taken to the articles from both sides.


Right Bias:

All of these 'woke' companies are just virtue signaling. The anti-capitalist leftists who support the woke introduction of the all inclusive purple M&M by buying M&Ms just got suckered by 'the man'. Additionally, this fake controversy was never about the candy gendering but about the woke fascination with never having their feelings hurt and always feeling included. The Mars company is hiding their path to diabetes with an overly woke campaign.

Left Bias:

This 'controversy' is derived by the fanatical right and another example on how the right will talk about anything except the destruction their party is causing. The right's lack of inclusivity is also why they had a monumental let down during the recent midterms. The fact that extreme right 'talking heads' like Tucker Carlson called a peanut M&M "obese" tells you everything you need to know about the right's perspective. The right will look for any excuse to drum up a 'culture war'.

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