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Both Sides: Michigan State Shooting

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

On February, 14th 2023 it was announced that there was an active shooter on the campus of Michigan stat University. After the initial announcement of an active shooter there was confusion and lock downs. Tragically, 3 students were murdered and 5 more were wounded. The alleged suspect was killed by a self inflected gun shot wound. All news is biased, here is both sides.

Left Bias: Sensical Gun Reform Will Stop Another MSU Massacre From Occurring Again

All branches of the Michigan government are controlled by the democrats. Now more than ever is an opportunity to 'fast track' sensical gun reform to ensure tragic instances like February 14th 2023 on the campus of MICHIGAN STATE never occurs again.

"Michigan Democrats are focusing on three gun policy proposals: universal background checks, safe storage laws and extreme risk protection orders, sometimes known as “red flag” laws."

Democrats only have a small majority in all three branches of the Michigan government so moving quickly and effectively will be important.

Right Bias: Guns Aren't The Problem, Mental Health Is.

Gun laws don't matter, look at the city of Chicago. Chicago has one of the highest murder rates per capita but also one of the strictest sets of gun laws. Just ask the father of Parkland school shooting victim, Ryan Petty.

"He emphasized that gun control was not a realistic or even fair solution to stopping school shootings. "

The perspective of the right is that saying guns kill people is like saying pencils cause spelling errors, you can't blame the tool. Mental health should be the real focus when it comes to senseless mass shootings.

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