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Both Sides: President Biden vs. Former President Trump's Classified Documents

The Facts:

It has been discovered that both President Biden and Former President Trump had classified documents in their inappropriately in their possession. President Biden had classified documents in his personal Washington D.C. 'Think Tank' office, personal garage in Delaware, and personal office in Delaware. Former President Trump had classified documents in his Mar-A-Lago resort and gold club. The media remains at odds about the differentiation between both instances of classified documents being found.

Click on the pictures below to be taken to the articles from both sides.


Left Bias:

The President Biden and Trump classified document situations are extremely different. In the case of the Trump investigation, Trump repeatedly ignored requests from the National Archives to turn in the classified documents. President Biden's team noticed the the classified documents and immediately reported them to the National Archives. Additionally, the quantity of documents found were vastly different between the two scenarios. There were 100s of classified documents found in Mar-a-lago and about ten documents found in Biden's personal office/garage. There is no comparison between the two situations - one is a mistake and one is a crime.

Right Bias:

'Don't throw rocks if you live in a glass house'. The extreme leftist swamp is getting a taste of their own medicine. The funny fact is that because the left has such an infatuation with slandering Trump they find themselves in a pickle. The left made a huge deal about the documents found in Mar-A-Lago because they can't resist an opportunity to attack President Trump, and now they have to treat Biden's classified documents with the same degree of seriousness. Additionally, Biden was Vice President when he mishandled his classified documents. President Trump was a President when he took his documents from the White House and as President he has the authority to declassify said documents. The Biden classified documents are one of the smaller Biden era controversies but because of his hypocrisy it needs to be taken seriously.

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