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Both Sides: Raphael Warnock Beats Herschel Walker In Georgia

Incumbent Senator Raphael Warnock has edged out challenger Hershel Walker in the Georgia runoff. As of 10:55 PM on Tuesday night the race was just separated by 56,000 votes but Hershel Walker has just completed a concession speech.

Left Bias:

Republicans just did not show up for this election. Republicans did not vote during the early election period and Republicans did not show up on Election Day. Republicans did show up to vote for Republican Gov. Kemp but not Herschel Walker. The reason Republicans did not show up to vote for Walker is because he was hand picked by Trump and out of touch.

Right Bias:

Walker lost because allegations about his personal life blended into his political life. Additionally, the wrong candidate was probably chosen. The correct candidate would not have been a celebrity and not picked by President Trump. The better candidate would have been a politician with a polished record of pushing forward conservative values.

Watch Both Sides:

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