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Both Sides: Senator Sinema Leaves Democrats And Is An Independent

Last Friday Senator Kysten Sinema announced that she would no longer be a Democrat but rather register as an Independent.

Left Bias:

Senator Sinema's departure doesn't really change much. Sinema has always acted as a contrarian and in her own best interest. Senator Sinema didn't stand up for voting rights, the end of the filibuster, or policing corporate greed. Senator Sinema knew she wasn't going to win in the 2024 Democratic Primary to preserve her seat so she avoided it all together.

Right Bias:

The Democrats are the party of extremism and Sinema is proving they have gone too far. Additionally, Sinema is diminishing the already narrow edge the Democrats had in the Senate. The only question left is who is the next Senator to 'jump ship' due to the hyper extreme leftist views of the Democratic Party.

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