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Both Sides: Speaker of The Hose Vote

The Facts:

On Tuesday the 118th Congress met for the first time. One of the first orders of business was to elect a new Speaker of the House. In a historic move, after 3 consecutive votes, the Republican representatives, as the majority, were unable align the 218 votes necessary to elect a Speaker of the House. The House will convene again Wednesday at noon EST to continue attempting to elect a Speaker. No work can be completed by the House of Representatives until a Speaker is elected.


Right Bias:

This is not chaos but rather the Republican Party ensuring the correct Speaker of the House is elected. In 2007 Nancy Pelosi was elected to Speaker of the House and that was a huge mistake, the Republicans will not make that same mistake. While Kevin McCarthy is currently the front runner his stance on spending, accountability, and voting track record are not aligned with everyone's definition of conservative values. A Speaker will be chosen, but not on Tuesday.


Left Bias:

This is just another example of how the Republicans can't get out of their own way. The midterm elections were 8-weeks ago! The Republicans have had 8-weeks to work out their differences and coalesce on one Speaker, but couldn't even accomplish that. Since the Civil War the Speaker of the House has been decided with 1 vote, Republicans today are on 3 and counting. The lack of organization in the Republican party today is one of many reasons why the republicans are a mess.

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