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Both Sides: "Twitter Files"

Last week Elon Musk 'ok'd' the "Twitter Files", an inside look into Twitter's inter-workings prior to Musk. The validity and impact are debated by both sides.

Watch both sides before you decide.

Left Bias:

This is a non-story and just a result of Elon Musk trying to dust up attention about his over priced purchase. The right and Musk are scrapping from the bottom of the barrel to try and get back for all the black eyes they have been receiving lately.

Right Bias:

These 'Twitter Files' are proof that big tech is meddling in our elections by muting stories against the left and boosting stories in support of the right. Not even is big tech part of the anchors that are holding the right back but the American government itself are complicit in the election meddling against the right.

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