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Can Artificial Intelligence Help Eliminate Bias In Our News?

What is ChatGPT?

In November of 2022 ChatGPT launched as a free web based software that leverages Artificial Intelligence to answer questions, code program, compose songs, write poems, edit photos, and so on. You can think about ChatGPT like Siri on steroids. ChatGPT is still in testing but can accessed for free. ChatGPT has test meta data uploaded from up until 2021, meaning it cannot answer questions on current events. ChatGPT is not connected to the internet.

Can ChatGPT be used to eliminate bias in our News?

Since all news is made by humans and big corporations, therefore biased, could Artificial intelligence be used to 'translate' bias to objective news? I decided to put ChatGPT to the test. I found a series of highly biased articles and asked ChatGPT to summarize them for me.

Test 1:

I asked ChatGPT to summarize an article from Reason Magazine on the recent classified documents found in President Biden's personal home and D.C. 'Think Tank'. The article chosen has a heavy bias towards the right side of the political spectrum.

What ChatGPT said back:

The cool part is that ChatGPT was able to identify and separate opinion from facts. ChatGPT used quotation marks to indicate that it was the voice of the author of the article and not facts about the story. The blurred lines of opinion and facts is a main driver of bias in our media today.

Test Number 2:

ChatGPT did a pretty good job summarizing an article I provided but how would it do if I just asked it a general question about the President Biden classified documents without a link to an article?

As mentioned previously, ChatGPT only has meta data from 2021 uploaded for reference and therefore cannot speak on current events. Even with the limited data ChatGPT does its best to give background on presidential protocol surrounding classified documents.

Test Number 3,4,5,6:

For the next 4 tests I asked ChatGPT to summarize more articles with heavy bias. I wanted to understand how well ChatGPT would be and separating biased opinion from factual news. Unfortunately, I continued to get the same error. Apparently websites have the ability to block A.I. scanning and interaction.

ChatGPT does its best to describe what the responsibilities of a cabinet member are but is unable to access the National Review website.

In Conclusion:

ChatGPT and A.I. have a lot of positive signs about being able to sift through the bias in news articles. The widespread application of ChatGPT is not there yet but providing the A.I. more recent data and/or connecting it to the internet could be the silver bullet needed to finally generate unbiased news, all we had to do was remove the humans......

All news is biased and it is my goal to show both sides. A balanced media diet is healthy for all Americans. Subscribe to Ripviews to start each with both sides of every headline.

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