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Feb 27 2023 - Ripviews Week In Review

All news is biased so you might as well read both sides. Ripviews provides both sides of all major headlines. Click on the picture to read the article.


War In Ukraine 1-Year Anniversary

This week marked the 1-year anniversary of Russia invanding Ukraine. Initiaitaly both sides of the media were in agreement that Ukraine must be protected at all cost. After 1-year of conflict both sides of the media remain at odds concerning next steps.

President Biden Surprise Visit

On Monday, it was announced that President Biden made a surprise visit to Kiev, Ukraine. The visit acknowledged the one year anniversary of the war and demonstrated America's resolve to support Ukraine. Both sides were divided about the surprise visit.

Trump Visits East Palestine, OH

Former President Trump visited the people of East Palestine, OH after a train full of toxic liquid plastic compounds was derailed in the town. The toxicology and environmental outcomes are still up for debate. Both sides of the media are torn on this toxic topic.

Buttigieg Visits East Palestine, OH

Last week Secretary of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg visited East Palestine, OH to survey the damage of the train that derailed leaking thousands of pounds of liquid plastic compound among other chemicals. The visit, notably the timing, had our media widely divided.

CONSENSUS: Murdaugh Takes The Stand

Disgraced South Carolina lawyer, Alex Murdaugh testified in his own double homicide trial. The former lawyer is being tried for allegedly murdering his wife and son. The trial follows a series of controversies and deaths that surrounded the Murdaugh family.

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