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Right, Middle, & Left - Twitter Files

The Facts:

Shortly after Elon Musk finalized his purchase of Twitter he began to authorize the publication of his findings on how the company operated prior to Musk's purchase. There have been several iterations of the 'Twitter Files' released by journalists Mike Taibbi and Bari Weiss.


Right Bias:

Only through Elon's acquisition of Twitter has it come to light that Twitter was suppressing any dissenting opinion. Through the release of Elon Musk's Twitter Files it has become evident that the dissenting opinions that were muted were ofter surrounding opposition to COVID-19 mandates and vaccines. Twitter worked hand-in-hand with the government to push COVID-19 rhetoric along CDC/government lines, suppressing any opposition.


Left Bias:

The 'Twitter Files' are not important and just Musk trying to bring about 'controversy for controversy's sake'. To maintain civil discourse Twitter publicly announced that it would adjust filtering if a user(s) “detracts from healthy public conversation.” Twitter is trying to stir up controversy, when in reality this was just open policy.

The Middle:

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